Buying a property

Buying a property in Notting Hill, Bayswater, and the surrounding areas.

From grand Victorian townhouses to stylish and cool apartments, Notting Hill Gate and its surrounding areas make a wonderful choice to own your home. Buying a property in Notting Hill, Bayswater, Kensington and Holland Park with an estate agent who knows their stuff makes things simple and stress-free. At Homesite, we have spent over two decades living and working in Notting Hill. We are local residents, and we are passionate about our area, its properties, and the atmosphere. We are proud to be an Independent Estate Agent established in this vibrant community since 2006. 

Buying a property is a big decision, we know, we’ve been there and have experience in buying a property in Notting Hill. Purchasing a London pad, whether to make your home or as an investment, is a very personal and important choice. There’s a lot to consider, from location and size to décor, structure and all the little niggly things that you want to tick off your list before going ahead and making an offer. Because we know our area and have the experience, we can help you in a number of ways to ensure you find the perfect property to suit your needs and meet your criteria.

One thing most people look for when buying is initial cost, location, and resale-ability, well, in Notting Hill and surrounding areas, you need not worry in that regard. Notting Hill was trendy yesterday, is fashionable today and will be in the future. It’s just one of those dynamic places that moves with the times while retaining its sense of bohemian community and diversity. And you don’t even need to scratch the surface; it is visible just by meandering through the world famous Portobello market on a sunny Saturday. 

Buying a property with us
As well as sharing our passion for all things local, buying a property with us means that you can take advantage of our knowledge. We are a small personal team, and when purchasing your property with us, you will receive a friendly and professional service.
Because we have spent years working alongside landlords and vendors in Notting Hill, Bayswater and surrounds, we have an extensive database of properties of various layouts and specification. We have also built relations with other agents so that we can help you source properties fitting your criteria. This means that we can search the local market for you, so you don’t need to go anywhere else to view properties and find your perfect home.

Matching you to your perfect property
Once you have chosen Notting, Hill, Holland Park, Kensington or Bayswater for your new home, you may have already begun your search for a new home on the property portals. These sites are great for an initial search, but there are many questions which may come to mind. You may want more detailed information about the area, the type of home you are seeking and the process you are about to embark upon. We are dedicated to W2 and W11, W8 as well as covering the surrounding areas. We have built over twenty years of location knowledge and experience, not only through our work but also from living in the area, shopping in Portobello road for trinkets, browsing the art galleries scattered across Notting Hill, or meandering Golbourne Road which houses boutiques such as Ally Capellino. We also have lots of practical information about commuting and connections, as well as using local facilities and services. Therefore, we are well placed to help you find suitable properties that tick your boxes and fulfil your needs. And, of course, we are here to continue to assist you through the purchasing process.

You can ask as many questions as you need, whether its related to property or the area. We love sharing our experience, so we can let you know how things work and share local data regarding services, facilities, including schools, travel, and leisure. Feel free to give us a call to have a chat about your requirements.

Viewing with us
Nothing beats having a chat. It’s always great to have a conversation so that you can get a feel for how we can assist. It also means we will have a good understanding of what you are looking for and in turn, we can really help to show you what is currently available. 

People always ask if they should register their details. We do recommend that you do this so that you don’t have to keep trawling pages of properties. We know your time is valuable and that you want to see the most suitable places. By registering with us, you can set your criteria and give us a good overview of your requirements.  

Registering with us ensures that not only will you receive the latest properties coming onto the market, but it also means that we can get in touch with you to offer you the opportunity to view hot properties as soon as we are instructed with their sale.
Our website is always up-to-date, and of course, you can browse at your leisure, register with us, and receive updates as suitable properties come on to the market. You can also find a host of information related to the area and the property market. Click here hyperlink

We are always looking for creative ways we can meet our clients’ needs, making your property search and relevant information easier to find. You can follow us on social media via Facebook and Instagram to see some of our featured properties. This makes viewing property details much more convenient.

Once you have selected your shortlist, we will whisk you away on a viewing tour so that you can view your chosen properties. Viewing tours give you the time to get a feel for the places and compare potential homes.

How we work
Once you have found ‘the one,’ and your offer has been accepted, we will be on hand to support you through the entire sales process. We are a small team so you won’t be passed around different agents. You will have the benefit of the experience of one of our Directors, Nigel and Douglas, who will facilitate negotiations on your behalf and will be available to explain any findings that may arise during a sales process. We will assist your purchase and all matters between yourself and the vendor, as well as any professionals such as solicitors and surveyors involved in the process.

First-time buyers
If you are a first-time buyer, don’t worry, we are here to help you get your foot on the property ladder. As well as sharing our market knowledge with you and assisting your property search, we can connect you to a range of legal or financial services and skills that you may need throughout the buying process. You will be looked after by one of our Directors who will assist you every step of the way until you have the keys to your new home in hand. 

Getting a Mortgage
Most buyers have already spoken to their bank or made arrangements with regards to financing their home, but if you are at the very beginning of your property ownership journey, we can help you by suggesting independent industry specialists. We are also available if you would like to discuss your options or have a chat about the best way forward. 

The process of buying
While your solicitor will assist you through the legalities of your property purchase, we are certainly on hand to explain and discuss any aspects. Our skills come into play during this part of the buying process. We will facilitate any renegotiations between you and the vendor to ensure that communication is open and represented on both sides. It can be a minefield of legal jargon and processes, but we have broad experience with matters that may arise during the transaction. Our professional experience enables us to advise you regarding your purchase in Notting Hill, ensuring that it’s a smooth and successful process.

What if the property has a short lease?
There are several options available if the property you fall in love with has a short lease. Properties with short leases tend to come on to the market at a reduced value, giving a buyer the opportunity to purchase a property at a lower than average market value. Usually, this comes with the agreement of the prospective buyer to take on the legalities of the lease extension. We can guide you through this process and discuss your options. Your solicitor will generally be able to look after the legal paperwork or suggest an appropriate professional. 
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